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Start earning more holiday Euros (€) or (£) for your business.

Users of the onvacationpass have 30 days use of the discounts and offers from the day that they activate the pass.

Seasonal Variations

In areas that rely on the peak season of the summer for most of their income, we understand that you may not wish to offer the same deal as you would during the off-peak season, so if you wish to adjust your main offer during peak-season please do so below.

For Restaurants



Partner FAQ's

Will offering OnVacationPass Card reduce our sales of attraction tickets?

No. People tend to fall into two groups – a smaller group who will always buy tickets in advance to guarantee entry or avoid lines/sellouts and the masses who always wait until they arrive before deciding what they’ll do. OnVacationPass is designed for the masses.

The same goes for restaurants. Some people arrive knowing where they are going to eat, most others decide when they arrive. OnVacationPass makes it easier for them to know about your restaurant and chose to dine with you.